3 Ways To Make Your Hotel Stand Out With Food And Beverage Services

27 October 2016
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Your food and beverage offerings are an important part of your hotel's reputation, so it makes sense to use that area to promote your hotel. Here are three food and beverage strategies that can bring business to your hotel and make your more money. 

Serve a Breakfast They Can't Refuse

Hotel guests wake up in the morning and they want to eat. You can take full advantage of these circumstances by providing a terrific breakfast. There are several ways to tempt guests with that first meal of the day. The right choice for your hotel will depend on your guests and their individual needs. 

A Low-Cost Alternative

Many hotels serve as resting places for people on the move. If most of your guests are staying with you as part of a longer journey, you want to provide a standard breakfast for a small amount of money. Consider making children's meals complimentary or offering free coffee. 

A Full Buffet

Does your hotel tend to attract tourists who are in town to spend money? A buffet may be a perfect choice. Pamper your guests with a variety of choices for breakfast and brunch that they can enjoy before a busy day of sightseeing. 

A High-End Breakfast

If you run a high-end hotel, you'll want to offer a breakfast that meets your guests' expectations of quality. You will also want to market your breakfast to the larger community as a place to eat on special occasions or for a weekend brunch. 

Provide a Signature Drink They'll Remember

Make your restaurant or lounge stand out by providing and marketing a signature drink. Design a cocktail that fits the theme or decor of your hotel, and market it to your guests and the surrounding community. 

Offer your signature drink at a low cost during happy hours to get patrons interested. 

Offer Lots of Private Dining Options

Hotels are often used as gathering places for friends and family to celebrate a special occasion like a reunion or a birthday. Create at least one separate dining area in your restaurant that can accommodate private parties. Draw up several different menu options to fit a variety of occasions and budgets: 

  • Offer a private breakfast buffet for low-cost birthday parties and family reunions. 
  • Create a high-end champagne and steak menu for engagement parties or small weddings receptions. 
  • Allow patrons to choose a menu of local favorites when hosting out-of-town guests for an event. 

You may also wish to add a bakery service to your restaurant offerings so you can serve personalized cakes and dessert buffets. 

You can use food and beverage strategies to draw attention to your hotel, bring in new guests and promote community interest. When you offer what people are looking for, you will find success. Turn to companies like D&G Hospitality for more information about food management.