Amenities You Might Find At A Family Hotel

30 July 2020
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When looking for a place for your family to stay while out of town, you might come across some hotels specifically advertised as "family hotels." If you've never stayed in such a hotel, then you're bound to wonder — how do these hotels differ from a standard hotel? Usually, it comes down to the amenities. Here are some amenities you are likely to see at a family hotel.

A Kid-Friendly Pool

Pools have long been a mainstay of hotel entertainment, but some hotels have deep, lap-style pools that are not suitable for kids. At a family hotel, you will often find a pool with a large shallow end where kids can play more safely. There may even be a splash pad or other kid-friendly water activity in the pool area. Typically, these hotel pools also have lifeguards, so you can count on your kids being supervised and safe while in the water.

Extra Beds

At a family hotel, rooms often have more than the standard two double beds. Some rooms may have one double bed and two singles. You may also be able to rent a suite with two bedrooms so that you and the kids can have a little more privacy than you'd have in a standard hotel room. If you need an extra roll-away bed, a family hotel often has them available.


Many hotels simply have stand-up showers to save space, water, and materials. It's hard to wash a child in a shower, though! For this reason, many family hotels instead have bathtub/shower combos in their bathrooms.


It's also common for family hotels to have a daycare area. You can drop your child off for an hour or two while you run errands, attend a work meeting, or take care of something else important. If you're traveling for a combination of business and pleasure, a family hotel with a daycare is the perfect place to stay.

Kid-Friendly Breakfast

When you're traveling with the kids, being able to wake up and feed everyone breakfast without leaving the hotel is paramount. Family hotels tend to offer kid-friendly options at breakfast, too. They may have waffles, kid-friendly cereal, and cut-up fruit, for example.

If a hotel advertises itself as a "family hotel," then the key feature is amenities that appeal to kids and make life easier on parents. The ones listed above are some of the most common family-friendly amenities you will see.