Advanced Ways To Save Money On Your Next Hotel Stay

29 July 2015
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For seasoned travelers, getting discounts on hotel stays comes with the territory. While you may already know how to get some good deals on your rooms and some fees shaved off your bill, there are other, more advanced ways to save money on your next hotel stay.

Check Advanced Pricing Online

You have seen that most major hotels have grid-like calendars where you can see what rooms are available and at what price for a particular hotel. If you want to extend your stay, or perhaps shorten it, then by checking out this grid, you may find hidden deals you didn't know were there. Looking online for the room's prices on any given day will tell you what to expect in pricing if you ask for an extension to your stay.

Weekends typically are more expensive in hotels, but you can check to see if your room is still available for the time you want to extend your visit for and negotiate the price you are already paying for the room instead of the higher price. This is also true for holiday weekends, or turn-of-the-season rates. For example, Labor Day rates will typically lower on the Monday since the hotel will implement their fall rates. You could get the room you are in at the lower rate for the rest of your stay.

Book an Airport Hotel

Airport hotels usually have much better rates than those on the beach or right in the downtown core. These hotels aren't the first choice of most travelers, except for business travelers who need to be near the airport and you will find competitive pricing. This is especially true if you are visiting a large city with an extensive amount of hotels to choose from.

Another perk of an airport hotel is many of them will offer free parking or cheap parking for a few days if you book at least one night with them.

Book Directly with the Hotel

When you book through a third party site, you may get a better discount than by booking directly with the hotel. What you may not know however, is you will potentially get a better room with better customer service if you book directly with the hotel itself. The hotel saves money if you book directly with them, as they don't have to pay a commission to the third party site and they will show their appreciation to those who contact them directly.

You can negotiate using the third party pricing with the hotel, and often you will find that the hotel will honor those lower prices if you book either on the hotel's own website or on their phone line.

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