Ways To Make Your Hotel Conference Room Stand Out

16 September 2016
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When you have an upcoming event for which you've rented a hotel conference room, it's ideal to make some simple changes that can make the room stand out. If the members of your group have been to a countless number of conferences in similar facilities, everyone won't be able to help feeling more engaged upon entering your room and seeing that it looks considerably different from the average hotel conference room. You can work closely with the conference staff at the hotel to ensure that all your requests are met, allowing the room's setup to turn heads on the morning of your event. Here are some simple suggestions.

Use Stability Balls Instead Of Chairs 

If the conference attendees won't be required to take a significant amount of notes, consider removing the tables and chairs and providing stability balls in lieu of chairs. These can be taken from the hotel gym, possibly, or else rented from a rental company. Many of the people might have experienced sitting on these balls, but some may not have had the chance. Stability balls are ideal because, in addition to giving your conference a modern, health-conscious feel, they require people to sit up straight. This can prevent people from slouching and getting tired during the conference. If you're looking for engagement from each of the attendees — perhaps you're organizing a strategic brainstorming session — stability balls can help.

Have People Sit In A Circle

Whether you opt for stability balls or more traditional forms of seating, the simple act of arranging the seating into a circle can further boost peoples' engagement. A classroom style of setup can be ineffective; you'll often have people in the back rows failing to participate and playing on their smartphones, instead. By putting the group in a center, people will feel more involved and the conference will have more of an active, collaborative feel than a lecture format.

Use The Available Technology

Conferences that mostly feature speaking can be dull; you can dramatically make your event stand out by using all the available technology at your disposal. Many hotel conference rooms have a multitude of tech options, such as HD projectors, on which you can load a dynamic presentation that will keep the group engaged. Setting up this gear with the help of the hotel staff will instantly show your group that the event will be modern and enjoyable as they enter the room.

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