Ask About Room Options In Advance Of Your Stay To Enjoy These Benefits

23 September 2016
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Whether you use the Internet or your phone to book your next hotel stay, it's advantageous to specify that you wish to stay on a specific floor. On an online booking form, you can typically specify whether you want an upper or a lower floor; on the phone, just relay this request to the person taking your reservation. Although you might initially not think favorably about an upper-level floor because it requires a longer elevator ride or more flights of stairs, there are many benefits to seeking accommodation on the top floor of the hotel or another floor that offers special benefits. Here are some perks to choosing your room placement.

Enjoy The View

It's enjoyable to be able to look out your hotel window, whether you're staying in a city you've visited dozens or times or traveling to a new city in a distant state, and enjoy some scenery. And there's no better place to enjoy a picturesque view than one of the hotel's upper-level floors. Depending on the location of the hotel, you could have an impressive view of the cityscape, or you could have a breathtaking view of a mountain range or a large body of water. Whatever the case, the view will be better on the hotel's upper floors than its lower floors.

Rest In Silence

Although hotels typically enforce quiet hours from around the middle of the evening through to the morning, the upper floors of many hotels are designated as "quiet zones." This means that guests who stay in these rooms are expected to be quiet 24 hours a day. Many business travelers favor these rooms, as they may need time to quietly prepare for a meeting, or they may be sleeping during the day after catching a red-eye flight into town. Getting a room on one of these floors is ideal whether you simply enjoy tranquil surroundings or have trouble sleeping if there is background noise.

Feel Secure

Hotels often designate certain floors for VIP guests, families, or business travelers. Today, some hotels have women-only floors to cater to business-women who are traveling more often. If you're a solo woman traveler, you'll feel more secure on one of these floors. Other hotel guests cannot visit these floors without a key card to one of the rooms, meaning that whether you're walking down a hallway or riding an elevator, you should feel perfectly safe.