3 Tips For Traveling With Your Surfboard

29 October 2017
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You can't have a surf vacation if you don't bring your surfboard. But traveling with a surfboard can be more complicated than just packing a suitcase full of clothes. The last thing that you want is for your board to get damaged before you even have a chance to hit the waves. Take a look at some important tips to consider when you're packing for your next surf vacation.

Invest in a Travel Bag

A good travel bag for your surfboard is really a must. It will give you peace of mind to know that your surfboard isn't being dented and banged up in the baggage hold of your airplane, and it will protect the board while you carry it around as well.

A good carrying case will be padded with thick foam to help cushion the board as you move around and will have a comfortable strap so that you can carry it easily. If you need to bring multiple surfboards, a good alternative is to choose a padded coffin case with wheels. That way you can easily and safely carry all of your boards.

Prepare Your Travel Case

Whatever kind of case you use, add "fragile" or "handle with care" stickers on it so that any handlers will know to use caution. You may also want to line the inside with bubble wrap to better insulate your board.

Another easy way to protect your board is by packing the case with beach towels. You will have to pack beach towels anyway, so why not use them to better pad your surfboard? It will leave more room in your suitcase for other things, and it will give your board a final layer of protection against cracks.

Prepare Your Surfboard

Before you load your board into your travel case and add your padding, it's a good idea to prepare your surfboard as well. Take all the fins off of your surfboards – not only will doing this make them less awkward to pack, it will also keep them from getting damaged. Items that stick out are much more likely to knock into something than a flat board.

You'll also want to remove the wax from your board before you go. You don't want the wax melting inside the travel case if your board is in a warm spot during shipping. Don't forget to pack wax remover and a wax comb so that you can remove the wax before your return trip as well.

With the proper preparation, you'll get to your destination with your board intact and in good shape. Then you'll be ready to enjoy your surfing vacation. To learn more, contact a surf resort in El Salvador.