How Pet-Friendly Hotels Go Above And Beyond For You And Your Pet

3 November 2022
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Planning a vacation with your pet requires a bit more work than a traditional getaway. But the effort is worth it when you can enjoy quality time with your furry friend in a new place.

Fortunately, pet-friendly hotels are becoming more and more common, making it easier to find accommodations that will welcome you and your pet. Here are a few ways a pet-friendly hotel ensures you and your furry friend will have a comfortable stay.

They Have a Designated Pet Area

One of the first things you'll notice at a pet-friendly hotel is a designated pet area. This is usually an outdoor space where your pet can relieve themselves and stretch their legs. It will often look like a dog park, with grassy areas and benches.

The pet area will be clearly marked and separated from the main hotel grounds to ensure the safety of both guests and pets. Often, the pet area will also have pet waste bags and a water bowl to keep your pet hydrated. These extra additions show that the hotel is truly pet-friendly and wants to make your pet's stay as comfortable as possible.

They Have Pet-Friendly Rooms

Not all rooms in a pet-friendly hotel will be pet-friendly, so it's important to request a pet-friendly room when you book your stay. These rooms will have pet-friendly features like hardwood floors instead of carpet (to make it easier to clean up pet hair). They will also have a pet bed and bowls for food and water.

Some rooms even have a pet door that leads to a designated pet area, so your pet can come and go as they please. This is incredibly convenient if you plan to spend time outside with your pet during your stay.

In addition, the balconies are equipped with guard rails to pet-proof the area and prevent your pet from accidentally falling off if they're adventurous or curious.

They Have a Pet Concierge

A pet concierge is a staff member at the hotel whose sole job is to take care of pet guests. They can help with everything from feeding and walking your pet to arranging pet-sitting services. The pet sitting or dog walking services allow you to enjoy some time away from your pet while knowing they're in good hands.

These professionals are well-trained in handling pets, with some having years of experience working in animal shelters or as veterinary assistants. They're also familiar with the local area and can recommend pet-friendly activities and attractions nearby.

The pet concierge is there to make sure you and your pet have everything you need for a comfortable stay. So, if you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask them.

To learn more, contact a pet-friendly hotel in your destination area.