Top Reasons To Choose A Gay Hotel For Your Upcoming Vacation

21 June 2023
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If you identify as gay, staying in a gay-owned hotel might be perfect for your upcoming vacation. These are some of the top reasons why you should consider one of these hotels if one of them happens to be available in the city or town that you're visiting.

There Are Many Options

Over the years, more and more gay-friendly hotels have opened up all over the world — such as The Kirby Hotel. Therefore, there's a good chance that you will have plenty of hotels to choose from, depending on the city or town that you're visiting.

Rates and Amenities Are Often Similar

Many gay hotels are very nice and offer many amenities that you would expect from other hotels, such as swimming pools, fitness centers, on-site restaurants and bars, and much more. Generally, rates are similar to other hotels in the area, too. Therefore, it's definitely worth at least considering a gay hotel if this is something you're interested in.

You Can Support Gay-Owned Businesses

If you are a gay person or an ally, you might like to do what you can to support gay-owned businesses when possible. Many gay hotels are owned by members of the LGBT community, so booking a room in one of these hotels could be just one more way to support gay-owned businesses. Also, while you're on vacation, you may want to look into gay-owned restaurants, bars, and other businesses so that you can continue to support these businesses. Someone at the hotel may even be able to share some recommendations about gay-owned and gay-friendly businesses that you can visit while you're in the city or town on your vacation.

You May Feel More Comfortable

Unfortunately, not all hotels and other public spaces are particularly welcoming for members of the LGBT community. This might be something you have experienced before and that you're concerned about experiencing on your vacation. If you choose a gay hotel, you will likely feel more comfortable while you're on vacation, so you can enjoy a relaxing trip that much more.

You Can Meet People

Some people go on vacation with the intent of relaxing and having a good time on their own, without really mixing and mingling with others. However, others are more social and like to make friends on their journeys. If the latter applies to you, you might find that a gay hotel will be a good fit for you if you're a part of the LGBT community.