Three Reasons To Book A Penthouse Hotel Suite

10 August 2023
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If you're planning a trip and want to stay at a luxury hotel, it can be exciting to browse the hotel's website to learn about its various accommodation options. While a standard guest room might be suitable for some trips, it can be nice to look for a higher-end option if your trip is particularly special. One option that may appeal to you is a suite on the hotel's penthouse level. This is the top level of the building and it can offer a unique experience that can augment your trip. Here are three reasons to book a penthouse hotel suite. 

Upscale Amenities

All of the guest rooms in a luxury hotel have stylish amenities, but a penthouse suite is often outfitted in an even more upscale manner. Not only will these suites typically be the largest in the building, but they'll also feature things that you might not get in the rooms on the other floors. It's common to have a private terrace that you can use, which is something that the other rooms won't likely have. Many penthouse suites have spacious bathrooms with marble soaker tubs, for example. Some of these suites are even two levels in height, giving you tall ceilings and loft spaces to enjoy.

Best View

The penthouse level of a hotel offers the best view of the surrounding area. Regardless of where the hotel is situated, it's nice to be able to stand at a window or on the terrace and take in the view. In a downtown location, for example, you'll get to enjoy a breathtaking view of the city and watch the sun come up in the distance. Near the ocean, you'll have a view of the water that the other rooms simply don't get.


If you're looking for a quiet experience during your hotel visit, a penthouse suite can often be your best choice. These rooms are quiet for a number of reasons. Because there are no rooms above you, you don't have to worry about hearing guests walking around as you sleep. Additionally, only guests who are staying on the penthouse level have access to exit the elevator on this floor. This means that you won't have lots of random guests walking along the hallways outside of your room and making noise, which can sometimes be the case on other floors.

If you're interested in booking a penthouse hotel suite on an upcoming trip, look online to find a luxury hotel that has this option.