3 Ways To Make Your Hotel Stand Out With Food And Beverage Services

27 October 2016
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Your food and beverage offerings are an important part of your hotel's reputation, so it makes sense to use that area to promote your hotel. Here are three food and beverage strategies that can bring business to your hotel and make your more money.  Serve a Breakfast They Can't Refuse Hotel guests wake up in the morning and they want to eat. You can take full advantage of these circumstances by providing a terrific breakfast. Read More 

5 Important Grooming Steps For Your Dog

12 October 2016
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As a dog owner, you need to be sure that your dog is always comfortable, healthy, and clean. If you are not regularly grooming your dog, not only can it lead to them smelling bad and being unpleasant for you and your guests to be around, but it can also make your dog uncomfortable in their own skin. Believe it or not, dogs actually like to feel clean. On top of this, being clean and well-groomed can help your dog avoid many health issues, such as ingrown toenails. Read More 

Factors That Should Encourage You To Choose A Hotel Over A Home-Rental Site

28 September 2016
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When you're planning a trip and are considering the available options for accommodations, you might be interested in checking out a home-rental website — especially if your friends have talked about using this sort of service on previous trips. While there are some benefits to this form of accommodation, don't overlook the many benefits of staying in a hotel. The home rental ideal might seem trendy and fun, but the many positive factors associated with opting for a hotel instead should make this your choice. Read More 

Moving To The US? There Are 3 Features To Look For In An Apartment For Rent

27 September 2016
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Moving to a new country could easily be considered a scary thing, and the idea of finding the right place to live is one of those tasks that is bound to make you a little uneasy as a newcomer to the United States. Apartments are an incredible choice for incoming immigrants looking for a good place to rent because they are usually small and affordable. However, there are a range of different apartment complexes in cities and rural locations across the country, and they all may have something different to offer. Read More 

It’s Time to See the World: 3 Fun Ways to Avoid Traditional Accommodations

26 September 2016
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You've finally graduated from college. If you've decided to take a gap year to travel before starting your new career, it's time to start thinking about the accommodations. If you want to get a real feel for the countries you'll be visiting, think outside of the box. Here are three fun ways to really soak in the culture while you're traveling. Couch Surfing If you're going to be traveling to a foreign country, and you want to get a real feel for the culture, don't stay at one of the local hotels. Read More